About Us

About Us

Gameszone  is one of the largest gaming retailers in the Middle East within the UAE,. We aim to deliver the best in gaming with video games, game accessories, merchandise and premium products such as limited edition collectibles, high-end hardware and other niche gaming products. Started selling gaming console & Atari in 1916, Gameszone  now sells the maximum number of titles on all new generation consoles.

All our products are fully licensed, imported and original,Many of the items are exclusive editions & limited in numbers.

Gameszone  is very keen on customer service and satisfaction. In this regard Gameszone  has professional and friendly sales staff to serve its customers in the best possible manner. Apart from this Gameszone  also has its independent service centre with qualified and efficient personnel. Gameszone  has sold thousands of video games on all formats since it was founded and is the market leader in the UAE .

Our Mission

  • Create the best custom high-performance PCs based on recent technological innovations at competitive prices.
  • Develop valued customer relationships by providing exceptional services tailored to specific requirements.
  • To assure the best quality IT supplies and electronic products by utilizing continuous process improvement techniques.
  • To offer the ultimate gaming setup and workstation performance in a cost effective and professional manner.
  • Strive to make electronic gadgets and accessories accessible to every individual in the region as well as provide expert customization of products.


Our vision at Gameszone  is to leverage our expertise to become a trusted partner and well-recognized industry leader for building custom high performance PCs as well as supplying PC building services, PC components, gaming accessories, video games, phones, laptops and gift cards. Gemeszone is committed to its objective of becoming the most reliable, innovative and pleasant electronics trading company in the business market. In order to achieve this goal, we will continue to invest in the latest technological innovations and strive for a 100% customer satisfaction rating. We are continuously enhancing our core technology innovations to provide the most realistic and immersive gaming experience as well as provide world-class support in the professionally-built gaming market.